GL Enhances Gn Gp Interface Emulator


GL Communications Inc. announced today its enhanced Gn Gp Interface Emulator software referred to as MAPS™ UMTS Gn Gp Interface Emulator software. It has been enhanced with high-density user-plane traffic simulation.

Speaking to the press, Mr. Karthik Ramalingam, a senior manager for product development of the company, said, “GL's MAPS™ Gn Gp Interface Emulator is an advanced protocol simulator/tester for SGSN & GGSN simulation over Gn Gp interfaces that can simulate GPRS Tunnelling Protocol (GTP) signalling & Mobile application traffic as defined in 3GPP TS 29.060. “

He added, “The tester supports functional testing, error tracking, regression testing and load testing/call generation. It can run pre-defined test scenarios against GTP interface test objects in a controlled and deterministic manner.”

Mr. Ramalingam, highlighting on the enhancement introduced, further explained, “GL’s MAPS™ Gn Gp Interface Emulator with PacketLoad appliance supports massive simulation of UEs (up to 500,000) with high-density (up to 4 Gbps or 40 Gbps) mobile data traffic simulation for both UMTS and LTE networks.

"The solution allows encapsulating the generated packet data within GTP headers and transmitting through the gateway points such as SGSN & GGSN or SGW & PGW. It allows simultaneous simulation of multiple sessions per user to verify bearer allocation bandwidth at the endpoints. Currently, the solution offers stateful TCP/HTTP and PCAP Replay traffic types. 

"PacketLoad supports HTTP traffic simulation with the base requirements, such as port number, server IP address and pre-canned HTTP traffic file. PacketLoad is available in two variants: PacketLoad 4 x 1Gbps and PacketLoad 4 x 10Gbps.”

He added, “MAPS™ provides useful statistics to verify the simulated mobile data traffic. Users can customize the statistics for the generated stateful TCP/HTTP and PCAP Replay and other Mobile Data traffic. Call Graph uses the results from statistics to plot graphically the Bandwidth on each port, HTTP latency, TCP Latency and UE-related statistics in form Bar/Line/Pie charts.”

Important Features

  • Generates millions of Control Signaling (Load Testing)
  • Generates and processes GTP messages 
  • Supports GTP Traffic (GTP User-Plane Data) which includes: verification like BERT testing; HTTP traffic generation capability; GGSN can actually be connected to real IP network to simulate Gateway testing
  • Supports high-bandwidth traffic generation with PacketLoad (Up to 40 Gbps)
  • Provides Call Statistics and Events Status 


  • Provides fault insertion and erroneous call flows testing capability 
  • Functional testing, Regression testing and Conformance testing of network elements 
  • Ready scripts makes testing procedure simpler, less time consuming and hence time to market products 
  • QoS requests for greater or lesser bandwidth 

About GL Communications Inc.

GL Communications Inc. is a global provider of test and measurement solutions and has over the years worked with major telecom equipment vendors, service providers and system integrators to meet the testing requirements arising at various stages of telecom products' development life cycle.

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